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About Us

Half-Tide Designs was founded with the specific goal of helping companies who have a strong dependence on their web presence to improve their customer's user experience, ultimately improving profits through the simplification of their visible design.

To help them attain their business goals, Half-Tide provides a full spectrum of services, uses a proven and cost effective process to improve the design of their sight and uses a staff with extensive experience and a wealth of backup expertise in our consortium structure.

Full Spectrum of Services

Our team will work either independently or with your staff to:

  • Assess the current state of your investment,
  • Evaluate its design and make appropriate recommendations,
  • Establish necessary goals and objectives,
  • Develop and specify any necessary design changes,
  • Develop a plan to implement those changes,
  • Test them and iterate until we are sure the end result meets the established goals.
See the description of our services and learn how we can improve your likelihood of success in your ventures.

Cost Effective Process

Without an initial vision and solid framework that channels effort and manages risk, projects can easily lose sight of the end-user and fail to deliver results worthy of the company's investment.  Half-Tide Designs uses one of the most successful and accountable design methodologies in the industry.  Our processes and methodologies enable innovation while keeping sight of the practical design constraints involved in any targeted business project.

Logo & Philosophy

Just for fun - a few tidbits about Half-Tide Design's Logo and our corporate philosophy.


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