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Consortium of Talents

"The Only Thing More Expensive Than Hiring a Professional, is Hiring an Amateur". -Red Adair

There are a number of talents that must be brought to a development effort at the proper time. Analysis, assessment and development all require different techniques and different mind sets.

Rarely will you find all these talents and skills in one person. For that matter, the chances of finding any of these skills in a skilled developer are slim to non-existent.

If you are told that - "The developers already took care of all that stuff" - Be Very Afraid!!!

To maximize cost efficiencies to our clients, Half-Tide maintains a cooperative relationship with a cadre of specialists with the necessary talents. They are made available to each engagement as needed, and can be brought in at the time most needed.


User Centered Expertise Services:

Information Architects
The Information Architecture specialists will ensure that the site information and content is structured in a way that makes sense to the user, and that the flow within a page layout, and navigation within the site reflect that structure and the task flow from the usability analyses.
Usability Specialists
The usability specialist work with the other team members to fine tune the functional interaction between the product and the user, ensuring that the tasks to be performed can be done efficiently, effectively, and with a minimum of learning required.
Technical Writers and Documentation Specialists
Tech Writers and Documentation Specialists ensure that the content is written and tailored for web deliver and that the content presentation is geared toward the users needs at any given moment, and that large quantities of content can be managed appropriately.
Graphic Designers
Consider your site like your home. The architects have designed a layout, the usability people have examined the flow, and the documentation people have determined the content. Now someone has to put it all together, and make sure the aesthetics (both form and function) reflect your brand, your goals and those of your visitors.


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