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Corporate Philosophy

The Symbol: To Reduce

Symbol Translation / Structure:

Jian - to reduce, to lessen, to diminish or to subtract. On the left is the sign for water, On the right is a weapon cutting something, making it smaller. To cut is to lessen. To fling water into drops is to lessen. To reduce in an elemental way takes the skill of a master.

Reduction is the Key to Clean Architectural Design

As in all things web - simplify, simplify, simplify!!!

Its common knowledge that a user is not going to read large blocks of text, perform unnecessary tasks, or scan a page for more than a few seconds to assess its value. Even many of the pages on this site can be considered excessive.

Reducing a site's structure, its page layout, and its graphic design with a view to minimalism will support that goal. Forcing a user to think too hard makes for a poor user experience.

The underlying philosophy of the company is based on the concept that simplicity and reduction are the essence of proper design strategy. It is a primary design goal in all our engagements

Explanation by Application*:

  • "Beginning cooks often load too many flavors into their dishes. It takes a master chef to put just one or two things on a plate and let the quality and flavors of the food speak for themselves.
  • Beginning flower arrangers often crowd many flowers into dramatic bouquets. It takes a master arranger to dominate a room with a single flower.
  • Beginning boxers punch and kick wildly, striking many times, but landing only a few solid blows. It takes a master boxer to dodge and then topple the opponent in a single blow.
  • Beginning poets often write long pieces filled with dramatic allusions and metaphors. It takes a master poet to hold an entire world in just a few lines (aside: Mark Twain once told his editor that he could have a ten page short story to him in two days. However, if he wanted just a 2 page short story, it would take ten days...).
  • Likewise, Novice web designers and information architects often assemble too much ornamentation. It takes a true master to display only the proper proportion and material at just the right time.

*Adapted from Deng Ming-Dao "Everyday Dao - Living With Balance and Harmony"


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