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The two most difficult things about starting a new company are:

  • Deciding what to name it, and
  • Developing a logo to brand it with

The inspiration for the Half-Tide logo came after spending many a summer day sitting on the beach at the mouth of the Merrimac River, learning the art of striped bass fishing in New England.

The Principle of Three's

There were three locations where the fishing was always good, and they were connected by a stretch of water with a strong current as the tide came and went.

The locals will tell you, the best opportunity for fishing at any of these locations occurs at "half-tide". This is when the ocean is most powerful, the current is at its swiftest, and the fish are presented with the greatest amount of food flowing past them (Three areas and three critical factors and at least three days watching this to make the connection).

To a anyone designing from a user centered perspective, there are three components of understanding that must come together to understand a client, their product and their user's needs. These three pillars are the basis of all requirements gathering and they are represented by the three pillars of the logo. They are:

  • Who are your users
  • What tasks they are trying to accomplish
  • What are the constraints they are trying to accomplish these tasks under

A parallel perspective exists in classical User Centered Design, where the critical factors are:

  • The User
  • The System the user must interact with
  • The Environment they interact in.

As depicted in the logo, we have the three pillars of analysis, design and test, united by the strength of a natural tide to produce the most fruitful of conditions for accomplishing your business goals.


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