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Over the course of 15 years performing Defense work, I provided consulting services to over 100 different projects and programs. The programs were both hardware and software based. In each case, the work was focused on the analyzing and defining the end-user roles and requirements and integrating them into the overall system design.

Tasking often included detailed engineering analysis, front-end user requirements analysis and definition, system simulation and modeling, proposal generation, and determination of project staffing requirements. Systems ranged from small hand held Global Positioning System (GPS) units to Command Center design and large scale image exploitation and reporting facilities.

A sample of representative projects included the following efforts:

  • Federated virtual simulator training systems. Structured the long term human factors program for each. Built Access database for performing detailed task and fidelity analyses. Performed object oriented modeling in UML during system definition phase. Authored MOTIF and Windows interface specifications and design/style guides.
  • Canadian Load Expert System. Program Manager, interface and architecture designer - VB development of front-end. Success of initial prototype resulted in a 300% increase in expected company revenue. Primary technical and management liaison with client for the Canadian Load Expert System software program. Designed and coded the Visual Basic front-end and developed the system architecture to support the underlying knowledge base.
  • Environmental protective clothing system. Program Engineering Director for an environmental protective clothing system for the US Army. System involvement required the integration of future soldier equipment such as night vision, augmented hearing, integrated thermal sights with image enhancement capability, chemical and ballistic protective clothing, gloves, shoes, GPS, computer imaging and communications, individual medical monitoring, and load carrying backpack systems. Tasking included technical and functional requirements definition, human interface design and analysis, systems hardware and software integration, system-level design review, HFE and system usability tests, and operations test program development and execution. See the SIPE Case Study
  • UH-60a MANPRINT HELLFIRE INTEGRATION Program. Tasking involved the review and generation of a modified Statement of Work for adapting the HELLFIRE Missile System to the Sikorsky UH-60a "Blackhawk" helicopter. Specific goals were to assure that all future modifications and engineering change proposals would meet the new Army directives to integrate manpower and personnel integration (MANPRINT) constraints into all program designs.
  • Provided a wide range of product design efforts to the Defense Department in support of the following systems: MK-XV IFF, RF-4C AN/APQ-99/162 Digital Scan Converting Radar Upgrade, HARM, Seafire & AIM-9 Missiles development and maintenance programs, Drivers Thermal Viewer, Commanders Independent Thermal Viewer, SUNS, ITARS, GPS Range, GEPARD Tank Site, UltraReliable Radar, Eye patch FLIR, ADTIS, Pedestal Mounted Stinger, Exo-Atmospheric Re-entry Impact System, PWAAS, and additional special access / classified programs. Special DoD, Nato and COMSEC clearance information available on request.


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