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Credit Union One (CU One)

CU One's new marketing manager knew she needed to establish a web presence for the institution is she was to keep up with the competition. On the job only one week and having no web development background she wasn't sure where to start.

She realized that she needed to accommodate a full range of novice to expert financial users, providing just in time support as they needed it.

She also realized that the site needed to serve as both a marketing tool to introduce prospective clients to the company offerings, and to provide the ability to sign up for those services.

As a solution, we developed a new marketing-focused front end for this regional Credit Union. To accommodate the range of users, we implemented a Learn/Plan/Act metaphor.

This allowed each user to get increasingly more information as necessary until they could formulate their action plan, and then finally act on it

The resulting site conceptual design is shown in the following graphic.

Credit Union ONE


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