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Daimler Chrysler

With the partnering of Daimler in Germany and Chrysler in the United States, there were bound to be troubles interfacing their different dealer support networks.

As part of the up-front design efforts involved in integration, we developed and wrote the user interface requirements specifications for their dealer portal site.

Our focus was on providing a common look and feel strategy for the eventual integration of over 300 new and existing applications as they integrated the foreign systems, and prepared to change their entire site architecture from a satellite / mainframe system to a fully web enabled architecture.

Delivery involved extensive gathering, organizing and documentation of end user and corporate requirements before the job could begin.

Tasks included the development of functional prototypes, creation of detailed portal screen design specifications, and documentation of the underlying site information architecture, page architecture and graphical user interface designs.

All of this work was performed in coordination with a team creating a new application development and integration process for the client, and in conjunction with their entire IT organization.

Daimler Chrysler


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