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Ciampa Apothecary

Ciampa Apothecaries is a perfect example of tradition blending with technology. After 25 years of serving their costumers from the same storefront, this “mom and pop” business wanted to expand their services to include an online presence that would also provide a sense of community.

After listening to their needs, reviewing their expected user population and examined their budget, we created a very simple and user-friendly site, using large fonts in consideration of their elderly and vision-impaired clients and incorporating a bulletin board for their users to leave feedback on.

For an online presence, a small e-commerce section was built to allow local clients to order medical equipment online without having to go through secure transaction servers or produce credit card numbers. This element of trust greatly enhanced the end user satisfaction with the site.

*Note - this site has changed since our design - visit it too see what happens when you decide to take on a simple project like this yourself with the help of a few college students...

Visit Ciampamedical.com


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