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Compuware Corporation

As a company, Compuware exists as two separate divisions. One that performs services consulting and the other that sells shrink wrapped software products. With very little overlap between the two at the time.

I spent three years consulting with the services organization providing input to many of the programs you see mentioned in this portfolio section

As a member of Compuware’s senior staff consultants, I was responsible for structuring and executing client engagements to ensure that both client and end-user needs were being correctly assessed, and that the proper blend of services and talents were being integrated at the proper times within the development cycle to meet the client needs.

Beyond that, I consulted internally to the Products division, performing heuristic analyses, structured walkthroughs and detailed design work, while training their designers in a user centered design methodology. As such, I was able to participate in the design and evaluation of numerous Compuware commercial software products, as well as a wide variety of customer e-commerce and subscription sites.

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