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J. J. Keller is the leading seller of safety equipment and safety compliance corporation. They sold manuals, stickers, safety campaign material, traffic logs and other industrial safety related Items.

One of the discriminators that sets them apart from their competition is the ability to provide regulatory interpretations for state and federal statutes, and keep their users informed of any impending or completed changes to those regulations.

To seal a role as the premier provider of this service in the US, they wanted to establish an online subscription site where safety managers could obtain everything they need to perform their job, learn about compliance and stay up to date on changes, regardless of their respective industry.

To solve their problem, we designed and created wire frame prototypes of a web based subscription service for them.

To do so, we facilitated extensive requirements definition and design sessions with client subject matter experts in a JAD-like development process. Finally, we coordinated and implemented the detailed graphic design elements of the site with a graphics design team.

The requirement for potentially novice computer users user to be able to navigate through a complex variety of new services while always being shown the added value of the site was paramount to the success of the design.

JJ Keller Case Study


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