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Liberty Mutual Insurance

Upon arrival at Liberty Mutual, they had no testing facilities and only a handful of poorly trained designers who serviced their entire Commercial Markets IT department. As part of Peter's background he spent 2 years as a Project Manager - Special Projects bringing this group to a state of the industry level for design and test methodologies.

Tasks performed for Liberty Mutual that can be brought to your special projects include:

  • Managed the operation, staffing, scheduling and utilization of usability lab facilities.
  • Developed division-wide software usability policies and procedures for integration into the Liberty Mutual Software Development Process.
  • Provided GUI design and prototyping services to all division strategic software programs while helping them make the transition from large-scale mainframe to client/server applications.
  • Responsible for the redesigned look and feel of their division intranet.
  • Guided the interface design as they to transition many of their internal Windows applications to browser based web-enable transaction processing.
  • Provided user centered design perspective to business requirements analyses.
  • Functioned as liaison between business partners and I/S organization.
  • Provided usability and GUI course development and training to the Ireland based Liberty Information Technologies subsidiary, and throughout the Commercial Markets Division.
  • Provided mentoring and guidance to all junior level interface designers.

Liberty Mutual


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