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MDC - Vacuum, Inc.

MDC Vacuum is a metal machine shop that produces metal widgets for the vacuum chamber industry. Their prior sales method was to distribute a 500 page catalog of parts and specifications for over 5000 different parts they manufactured. They did this yearly to all their clients.

Our teams job was to bring them into the 21st century and turn their paper catalog into a full e-commerce solution.

As part of the solution, we performed detailed requirements analysis, working closely with their sales and Sr. management. We then structured their catalog in a manner that simplified search and retrieval of a part or part specification by allowing access through multiple viewpoints.

The result was a newly designed user interface and a new interaction model that streamlined the standard and custom part ordering process, as well as accommodated a variety of vendor discount structures.

The resultant design and information architecture can be seen below.

MDC Vacuum Corp.


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