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United States Navy, Coast Guard and "Other Agencies"

Over the course of 15 years performing Defense work, consulting services were provided to over 100 different projects and programs. The programs were both hardware and software based. In each case, the work was focused on the analyzing and defining the end-user roles and requirements and integrating them into the overall system design.

Tasking often included detailed engineering analysis, front-end user requirements analysis and definition, system simulation and modeling, proposal generation, and determination of project staffing requirements. Systems ranged from small hand held Global Positioning System (GPS) units to Command Center design and large scale image exploitation and reporting facilities.

A sample of representative projects included the following efforts:

  • AI Related Expert distributed database query system: Initiated the company's first usability efforts at a defense consulting company by developing the user interface specification for the natural language front-end of an expert distributed database query system. Performed periodic GUI heuristic analyses and usability evaluations as the product matured.
  • PIGA QA Analysis: Task manager developing and implementing a Quality Assurance program to gather and analyze data for performing near real-time statistical automated test equipment monitoring. Validated the methodology against the PIGA (Pulse Integrated Gyro Accelerometer) test stations for the Trident/Poseidon submarine navigation systems. Improved methods greatly reduced time and manpower requirements for system monitoring and reduced the unnecessary rejection of these very costly units.
  • MIL-STD-1472c Expert System Design Aid: Program Manager for the design, development, and implementation of an internal R&D, IBM-PC based AI/Expert System. A self-initiated program, the purpose of which was to design an expert system capable of applying the design criteria and philosophies of MIL-STD-1472C to system front-end analysis and system test and evaluation requirements. Development remained on-schedule and ahead of budget.
  • NDP Exploitation and Reporting System (classified): Multi-phased program involving all aspects of user-system and user computer interface design, large scale systems analysis, and extensive application of skilled operator performance evaluation criteria. General Purpose System Simulation (GPSS) modeling techniques were used extensively in the development of a unique Image Analyst Work Station. Also performed preliminary hazard analyses in support of custom computer hardware being developed for the system.
  • VDES (Voice Data Entry System): Application and implementation of a dedicated Voice Data Entry Terminal to a population of relatively novice computer users. Emphasis was on the engineering problems associated with the design of the human-computer interface, especially the areas of vocabulary selection, syntactic grammar parsing techniques, training program derivation, multilingual user populations, and high ambient environmental noise constraints.
  • Performed computer simulation, computer modeling, and high level optimization of numerous industrial systems used for the manufacturing of military parts. Systems included electronic board shop production facilities, document production/publication facilities, and human task/workload networks.
  • Performed human reliability analyses for internal production facilities at a major defense contractor using Nuclear Regulatory Commission and modified Cooper-Harper subjective workload evaluation methodologies. A comparison of alternate operational scenarios was used to quantify potential increases in predicted human reliability.
  • Provided a wide range of product design efforts to the Defense Department in support of the following systems: MK-XV IFF, RF-4C AN/APQ-99/162 Digital Scan Converting Radar Upgrade, HARM, Seafire & AIM-9 Missiles development and maintenance programs, Drivers Thermal Viewer, Commanders Independent Thermal Viewer, SUNS, ITARS, GPS Range, GEPARD Tank Site, Ultra Reliable Radar, Eye patch FLIR, ADTIS, Pedestal Mounted Stinger, Exo-Atmospheric Re-entry Impact System, PWAAS, and additional special access / classified programs. Special DoD, Nato and COMSEC clearance information available on request.


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