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Network on the Park

The 3801 Investors Group specializes in putting together job networking events in a number of cities around the country, Their goal is to help unite both companies and individuals in the hopes that job sparks will fly.

Each city has a different titled event, and each city requires new content related to location, time, venue and the likes. Unfortunately, because of budget constraints, a content management system was not a possibility.

After listening to their needs, and reviewing the needs of their expected user population, we determined that a very simple site, with 2 entrances - one for each user population plus a third area that was common to both would be established, and the content on all but a few pages would remain generic. This would minimize the need for extensive re-work for each additional event.

Oh yes, and did we mention that we need the site designed, built and hosted in 3 working days?

As you can see from the site, the client got what they needed, and we came in ahead of schedule for them, leaving additional time to plan their next event.

Visit the Draft Network on the Park site.


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