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Oracle Financial Services - NextGen Product Suite

Oracle Financial Services Global Business Unit had just aquired a top notch back-end financial engine through an Indian corporate acquisition. Their plan was to rehost the engine on Oracle's SAS infrastructure technologies, and provide their new product with a completely new interface.

The role of the UX team was to help envision what those new UIs might look like and how they could be restructured to make the most of the new technologies as well as to bring them in line with the new corporate style guidelines wherever possible.

As an example of some of the conceptual work performed to envision the new products and how they might look, we have included the following early concepts and wireframes at different levels of fidelity.


Rework of the Lending Originations Process and User Workflow

Lending Originations as a Leggo-like building block configurator


Collections Process Rework

Visio mockups of conceptual screens to show the new workflow


Commercial Banking Process Task Restructuring

View the static graphic produced from the interactive MindJet Mind Manager file



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