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Every $1.00 Spent Implementing a User-Centered Design Approach Returns Between $10.00 and $100.00

Half-Tide Designs offers a wide array of services that can be custom tailored to meet your needs.

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Project Status "Fly-By" Assessment
We examine how clearly defined your userusiness goals are and compare it against standard development benchmarks. Our assessment details the health of your project and will provide you with custom tailored solutions to help you to achieve your goals.

Usability Evaluations
Specializing in Heuristic Evaluations, structured walk-throughs and both formal and informal Usability Testing, our Usability Evaluations provide a thorough review of your site and identifies usability roadblocks and barriers that prevent meeting your customers' needs.

User Testing
We save you time and money by reviewing user performance, expectations and reactions before development is completed and the product is launched.

Site Structural Design
We provide site architectural and graphical design as part of our integrated team development process. After all, reviewing a site is one thing, knowing how to fix it or where to begin when faced with a blank piece of paper is critical to a successful site.

Standards and Guidelines
We help you develop and implement consistent standards and guidelines for user interface design help ensure that there is a common look and feel across all pages or portions of an application or product.

Process and Procedures
Planning on building an in-house UI Design capability?  Developing corporate policies and procedures for installing an integrated User Centered Design process will lend credibility to a new group and will also ensure a truly proactive stance in your organization and development process.

Why spend money on outside consultants? We will help you build your own group and bring your development staff to the next level of expertise. Our in-house mentoring will expand the impact on the development process.

User Interface Design
Remove uncertainty and avoid missteps in the development process.  Allow us to ensure an interface that meets all business and customer requirements and deliver a detailed User Interface Specification that the entire team can work from.

Graphic Design and Branding
Proper design and branding assures you will maximize the impact of everything you present. Site content is important, but how that information is presented visually says a lot about your company and how it will be perceived.

Competitive Analysis
We compare the effectiveness of specific functional elements (e.g. Registration, Product Browsing) across a set of competitors, identifying industry best practices for your company or organization.


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